The Calling Card Murders By Kathleen Lopez

Calling Card

I finished reading this book over a week ago but have been rewriting this review since then.  Let me start by saying this is a very well developed story and the characters were relatable and believable.  The main plot of an author’s work turning into real life experiences has been written before but Ms. Lopez did a great job showing it in a new and intriguing light.  Having worked on the fringe of the Indie Author world for the last several years I found myself quickly pulled into the premise.

The downside – This book needed trimming and proofreading.  What I mean is that there are typos and dropped words.  There are repeated ideas or sentences that say basically the same thing, but in a slightly different way sometimes on the same page.  These items took my focus away from the very good story being presented.

When I combine those two sides of the book, the rating goes below what I usually consider for my blog.  But I made an executive decision (it is my blog) to include this book because I believe in the superbness of the story.  The decision is yours – it really is a very good story.

For more about this author and all her books, CLICK HERE.


With little to go on, the homicide division detectives found themselves bombarded with a string of randomly odd and unconnected murder cases. On the surface they were unconnected, that is until an Indie Author’s draft manuscript is anonymously delivered to the department. It eerily describes each murder, divulging unreleased details, with auspiciously noting more murders to come. The unsolved murders change from a series of random crimes to that of a trail left by a serial killer.

The lead detective seemingly finds himself armed with the murderer’s morbid playbook. The investigation then shifts focus to the author who just landed the big-time agent and a lucrative book deal, bound and determined to find out just how this unknown writer conducted his research.

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