Tea with a Dead Gal, A Boo Done It Mystery by Gretchen Rix

Tea Dead

This is the second book in this entertaining series.  While I love Boo Radley, the unruly mastiff who keeps finding dead bodies, the banter between sisters Olive and Flannery keep the book moving along in an amusing way.  Add in a dash of an old flame FBI agent returning, various campy neighbors and the lovely town of Lockhart, and this is an all-around romp!

The perfect escape book into the land of BBQ, behind the scenes look into authors’ lives and quirky.

This multi-talented author writes in several genres, but her sense of humor and ease with dialogue comes through each and every time.


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How can you run a successful annual Writers’ Tea party when your guest author turns up murdered, and when your choice for a substitute speaker might be the prime suspect? Think old timey British mystery novel, but set it in Texas and put some barbecue in it. Add the unruly American mastiff Boo Radley into the mix and you get chaos. Sometimes funny, always quirky, this Texas cozy is the second in the Boo Done It mystery series that began with Talking to the Dead Guys. Welcome to Lockhart, the barbecue capital of Texas. Where there’s more than indigestion brewing.

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