The Lie: When DNA Reveals the Family Secret by Heather Dawn Gray


Do you ever have books that you feel like you can’t make a connection to?  That is what happened as I began this book.  I have an issue with people who are willing to let others control their lives, but as I read more of Jahana’s story, I realized she was doing the best she could in a world of chaos.  As I fell deeper into her world, the author helped me by including a weave of a subplot of Jahana sharing a book with her daughters.

While this is a story of how a DNA test can turn a person upside down, it is more a story of how one woman finds herself and has the courage to step into a world that is not perfect but perfect for her.

This author contacted me through Goodreads, and I must be honest I rarely say yes to suggested books from there; however this time the blurb intrigued me and I’m glad I took the chance and read it. My father had recently done a DNA test and found that we have a percentage of Iberian roots – for someone who grew up being able to trace my roots in the USA back to 1736 – even I was in for some surprises. At the time I thought, what if it was a bigger surprise?  Heather Gray led me down that path and I am glad she did.

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A simple DNA test sparks a journey of self-discovery. Jahana continues to struggle with her grief a year after her mother’s death. She wishes she knew her maternal relatives, but her mother refused to talk about them. To help her move on, Jahana’s husband buys her an Ancestry DNA kit. When the results come in, she discovers more than she bargained for. Her DNA reveals a family secret she would like to ignore, but can’t. The Lie is too big.

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