Looking For Laura (A Tracey Marks Mystery) by Ellen Shapiro


Bursting into the mystery genre, this PI/New Author has started an intriguing series with an independent female PI.  Learning that the author is a “real” PI in New York, put this book at the top of my reading list.

With a great main character, Tracey, I was quickly pulled into the PI world and Tracey’s learning curve with her first Missing Person case.  With a great sidekick (every PI needs one) and interesting supporting cast, I could not stop until Laura was found.  The author did a fine job of making the missing person as much a part of the story as all the characters.

Looking for Laura is the first in what I hope will be a long and enjoyable series.

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Like most private investigators, Tracey Marks is just trying to pay off the mountain of bills that never seem to stop. So when a client hands her $5000 to find his missing wife, she jumps at the opportunity. Although it’s her first missing-persons case, she really does need the money and charges ahead into the investigation.But things quickly go sideways, and the more answers she gets, the more questions that arise. Everyone seems to be holding back, or even outright lying…and even the missing woman has a sketchy past. As Tracey digs in deeper and deeper, she finds herself drawn into a web of deceit. With warning signs everywhere, will Tracey even live long enough to cash the check?

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