Not Dead by Anita Dickason

Not DeadLet’s start with the cover – Eerie is the only thing I saw and for a little while I was not ready to open this book, being a bit of a scardey cat.  However I should have trusted the author.  While I started the book in daylight, I soon came to realize that eerie is the perfect description.  This author has proven in the past to be able to give the reader that edge of a feeling, right between everything is fine and Oh No scary.

The main characters Chad and Ashley have just the right amount of personality to add to the tension of the main plot of the kidnapping of a child, yet give the reader that will they or won’t they excitement.  I have a feeling that this might be a start to a new series for this author and can’t wait to see what direction she takes it. So here is your chance to jump into something new from an established Author who does a great job letting her characters lead you into wonderful reads.

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A small-town Texas cop who is haunted by his past.
A reporter who risks it all, even her life.
A kidnapping that crosses into an unearthly realm.

Focused on the abduction of four-year-old Mandy Norton, Chad Bishop, Meridian’s Police Chief, ignores the twinges of foreboding triggered by an eerie fog that shrouds his town. What he can’t ignore is the editor of the Tribune.

When Ashley Logan becomes embroiled in the search, nothing stops the hard-hitting, investigative reporter, including Chad’s threats to throw her in jail. She’s Mandy’s aunt.

As the mystery of Mandy’s disappearance deepens, unnerving details emerge. Chad refuses to believe they’re connected to his past until the case turns deadly. He’s forced to face the terror that haunts him. It’s waiting in the shadowy depths of the unearthly fog.

This time, it could cost Chad more than his sanity.

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