Guess Who by Nesly Clerge & Joyce Shafer

Guess WhoI have read and reviewed two previous books from Nesly Clerge so when this one popped up, I paused.  Why have a co-author?  While I am still not sure of the why – I was pleased with the results.

The main character, Tessa is a fish out of water, hard core southern girl trying to get a New York City detective to pay attention to her thoughts on a string of robberies.  The book has a decent amount of sexual tension and a good storyline.  Both of these kept me reading but I found some of the disconnects in the subplots slightly frustrating as I had to go back and figure out what I missed.  The fact that I was willing to put in the extra time shows I usually enjoy Clerge’s work.

I did not guess the bad guy (let me know if you do), which always makes me enjoy a book even more.  All things considered, it’s a good read and worth a look.

For more about this book, CLICK HERE. Preorders are being accepted for a release date of February 24, 2020.


WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG? When the phone rings at dark-thirty with more bad news, all four of your tires are as flat as your love life, and your hair explodes when you step outside, do not ask that “What else?” question. I, Tessa Dupuis, did. Next thing I knew, I boarded a plane in southern Louisiana that landed in New York City, and me in way more trouble than I’d bargained for. I’m under the skin of Detective Max Walker, and up to my ears in bank robberies, suspicious incidents too frequent to be coincidences, and men eager to end my two-year man-drought. Life even sent me my own personal boogeyman who has his eye on me and plans to fulfill my every nightmare.


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