Bolinas A Novel (#3 Bocas Triology) by Thomas M. Barron

BolinasI have anxiously awaited the last book in this trilogy (ok and another quirky postcard -See Below -from this author).  The main character George is bumbling through life, trying to be a good guy in a world that is not always good nor easy to understand.  Maybe the real appeal for me is that I identify with George’s mom!

George’s idiosyncratic view of his own life and world keeps me interested and entertained.  Throw in free-spirited supporting cast members and some oddball humor and I am happy each time I read this author.

While I have never surfed, and there is little I have found appealing in my visits to California, Barron makes me reconsider both.  Maybe, if I am brave enough on my next visit, I’ll go looking for the little town in this book. – YOU thought I was going to say try surfing, didn’t you???????

For more about this author and this Trilogy CLICK HERE.


Third in the Bocas Trilogy, Bolinas takes George to Northern California.
He’s got an assignment in a quiet beach town with an unnerving welcoming party.


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