A History of Madness The Outlands Pentalogy Book 2 by Rebecca Crunden

HistoryThe main characters Nate and Kitty, are once again strong in this continuing tale.  However, this book concentrates on Nate.  I really liked the tie in with Nate’s dreams (and I’m leaving it there – no spoiler – read the book!).  This author does a nice job of engaging the reader in the adventure and voyage parts of the story.  They also do a great job of giving the reader an irritating and despicable character (or two) to keep an eye on and hope for their demise.

I sometimes worry when I read a series with a lot of time between books that I might not be able to remember what happened before the current read.  That was definitely not the case with this series.  As soon as I started, I remembered all of the trials of Kitty, Nate, Thomas, and all the others.  The author does a nice job with a recap from the previous book, but it was almost too much for me as I did not need it.  However, I can see how it could be helpful to new readers.

I look forward to continuing the saga.

For more about this author and this series, CLICK HERE.


The four remaining fugitives are now spread across the Kingdom. And with the fate of the others unknown to him, Nate Anteros prays for a fast execution.

Yet execution does not come. After a meeting with the King which leaves Nate questioning his sanity, he’s sent to a workcamp in Argon Basin for five years of hard labour. It’s there that Nate learns what became of his friends upon their arrest.

And as his strength returns to him, and he’s plagued by dreams which are much too real to be ignored, Nate decides five years is far too long to wait …


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