Camp Lenape (Book 1 – Kahale & Claude Mystery Series) by Timothy R. Baldwin

CampRemember back to your days of summer camp?  This story follows four soon to be sophomore students as they spend a summer being Junior Counselors.  I remember the feeling of being sort of in charge but not an adult and yet not a camper either.  When strange people are seen around the camp area, the junior counselors have a “case” to find out what is going on.

This is a good read for any middle school or high school student.  Or, for those of us who fondly remember our camp days.  The first book in this series gives the reader useful context on the main characters’ personalities as well as their relationships.

For more about this author and all his books, CLICK HERE.


When a girl goes missing, and none of the adults can give a straight answer, a childhood game suddenly turns into a real, secret mission.

Phone lines are down. Strange men roam the campgrounds. Financial documents indicate something’s amiss. And hidden security cameras point to a mysterious cottage in the woods.

With heightened suspicions, junior camp counselors Marcus and Alissa recruit their friends to help find the missing girl. In their search, the teens will learn to rely on each other, especially when they encounter a terrible and dangerous secret.

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