Song of the Shaman (Songs of Steppe & Forest Book 2) by C. P. Lesley


I love Historical Fiction, especially when, like this book, the time period has been so well researched.  However, I rarely find one written about the 16th Century that is such an easy read.  This author kept to a more modern angle when writing the dialogue, and that will make this an excellent read for even those among us who may be light history readers.

In an era when their husbands defined women, Grusha has found a niche that enables an independent lifestyle, luckily, it is also her calling.  While I read this book as a standalone, it is the second in the series.  The author fills the reader in on sections of Grusha’s life that were needed to keep me knowledgable and interested.

I don’t feel like I’m giving anything away when I say a possible spouse enters her world, and the decision of what may be best for her and her son is seriously considered.

An all-around great read!

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Once a servant, now a shaman, Grusha has found a place for herself and her small son in the Tatar world. When her teacher dies just as an epidemic strikes the camp, Grusha accepts full responsibility for the horde’s spiritual health. Indeed, she saves many children, including her own. Yet her success underlines a more fundamental dilemma. Her son is growing up without a father, a serious handicap for a sixteenth-century warrior, and Grusha believes she must do her best to provide one for him. Only when a suitable candidate takes an interest in her does Grusha realize that revisiting the past she remembers with such nostalgia will force her to pit her own needs against those of her son.

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