The Ex: Book Two of the Rogue Warrior Series by Margaret Ferguson


This adventure read, with a touch of romance, was a quick-paced page-turner.  Eddie Roark is a relatable main character who easily pulled me into the story and happily kept me there as he dealt with a plethora of sensational situations.  With many lives at stake Eddie’s ability to categorize and deal with multiple situations and still keep a glimpse of snarky humor had me well entertained.  Great story for some escapism.

I did not read the first book in this series, but I do not feel as if I experienced any disconnects as the author does a very nice job of filling in the background.  However, being a curious person, I want to know all the details and will be checking out this author’s other works.

For more about this author and all her wonderful books, CLICK HERE


Eddie Roark has his hands full… An ex-girlfriend, an ex-fiancé, and two ex-military armed to the teeth and determined to get some payback.

Once again Eddie finds himself stuck on a mountain. Only his mountain is a restaurant and dozens of lives are at stake, including someone he cares about. Can he stave off the police and save the woman he loves, or will he be forced to sacrifice her life to save everyone else?

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