Void of Power: New Generation by Andrew C. Raiford

VoidThis book seriously made me want to change my name to Jennifer!  Every character in this story is a fully developed person that I could easily have as a friend or neighbor.  For a first time fiction author, this book was a very pleasant surprise in story development and keeping me intrigued.  With two strong plot lines that dovetail into a path of adventure, I could not put it down.

This is the first book in a trilogy and the author has stated that he is trying to release all three in 2020.  I cannot wait to see the next episode.  If you love believable Science Fiction with a bunch of adventure  – Just Read This!

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The Void belongs to everyone and belongs to no one. Because of the Cultural War Treaty, the federal government or any agent under their control cannot enter the Void. Ruled for nearly sixty by gangs and drug cartels, the “settlers” of the Void must live by their wits and their skill at arms.

Raised by scientists who had been sequestered in an underground complex in the Texas panhandle, the Walsh family employs their genius and talents to forever change the quality of life for the citizens of the Void using technologies far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

When government forces enter the Void on a capture-or-kill mission which has targeted two extraordinarily gifted children, they run headlong into this family of geniuses and Texas Rangers who dedicate themselves to protect the children. The feds soon realize that they are mice attempting to capture one very mean, intelligent cat.

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