Marriage & Ministry (A Pride and Prejudice Novel) by Amanda Kai

MarriageAre you a curious person?  I am, so when I heard this author speak at Patchouli Joe’s Books about her novel giving life to Charlotte and Mr. Collins, I was interested.  I always wondered why Charlotte jumped into that marriage and what could be happening behind closed doors.  This book quenched that thirst.  Written in the tone of Jane Austin, the author did take the liberty (thankfully) to add a more modern sound to the character’s talk and thoughts.

Something is comforting about revisiting the familiar but seeing the, “where it could go” possibility of this read.  With a positive Christian message, this author kept me engaged and entertained – what more could I want!

Right now it is included in Kindle Unlimited!

For more about this author, CLICK HERE.


A Christian tale of hope and redemption set in the world of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

When William Collins marries Charlotte Lucas, he thinks she perfectly matches the description of a minsters’ wife: domestic, pious, submissive.

Little does he know, his new bride has a mind of her own, and a heart to serve the “women of the night” that their narrow-minded community have deemed too tainted to associate with. Charlotte’s efforts to redeem them invokes the anger of their patroness, who threatens William’s clergy position if he cannot convince Charlotte to end her scandalous connection.

Their marriage, hanging by the threads of a fragile love, is pushed to the limit as Charlotte refuses to abandon her cause for the sake of comfort and security.

But worse still are the schemes of the wicked brothel owner, who will stop at nothing to keep the source of his profits- the harlots- under his control.

In a small town beset by prejudice, hypocrisy, and vice, it will take compassion, love, and the power of faith to rescue Charlotte’s friends from the clutches of evil and restore happiness to Charlotte and William.

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