The Heretic by Michael Deeze

This is the third and final installment in the Emmett Casey Chronicles.  While I have read all three, this is my favorite.  As the main character, Emmett takes time to reflect on his life as a mature adult; the reader gets to really see this man for who he has always been – A good man trying to convince the world he was not.  Only now his world also sees him as a good man.  Gone are some of Emmett’s illegal activities but he maintains the ability to get himself into some interesting situations.

Much of Emmett’s practice involves the plain folks – the Amish.  I went to college near the Amish communities in Central Pennsylvania and this book brought back a lot of my fond memories of these people and their lifestyle (and a bit of a craving for a Shoo-Fly pie!). 

The many stories included in his reflections are held together by a man facing the end of his life.  When you look back, do you see the future or just the past?

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The Heretic continues the saga of the Casey clan, intensely loyal and devoted, but only to each other. The third in the series, following Bless Me Father, and For I have sinned that are set in the backdrop of war, crime and violence it weaves the tale of a child’s transition from a lonely inner-city and decorated war veteran to the man who looks all too familiar to him, a man like his father.

Surviving through wartime battle, a life of crime and passion. This third novel joins Emmett Casey as he visits the ghosts of his past and struggles to find peace among them.

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