The Last Ny-Failen: Book Five in the Kingdom of Jior Series By Wendy L. Anderson

I have been waiting for this book with anticipation and a bit of sadness.  I knew the author planned to end the series with this, the fifth book.  While I love the world and characters she had created, I am sad to see them end.  However, I can appreciate an author who knows how to do an ending with grace and finesse – and Anderson definitely does.

If you have read along with my blog, you know that I need my fantasy reads to be relatable and logical even when the subject matter may not be.  Every book in this series has done just that.  I have enjoyed every trip I have taken into Jior and each book was a lovely escape.

I cannot wait to see where this author is going to take us next.  Wherever it is – I’m on board!

For more about this author and all of their wonderful books, CLICK HERE.


The Last Ny-Failen is the final book in the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series. For 100 years King Lorn has ruled the Kingdom of Jior and the Ny-Failen have lived peacefully beside humankind. Now that peace is threatened by a looming civil war as some of the citizens of Jior try to take the throne for themselves. Lorn is faced with impossible choices and hard decisions with his family in great danger. In the midst of these troubling times, an unknown Ny-Failen woman has come to Jior bringing magical animals and strange powers, but will she be an ally or a deadly distraction? After a final bloody battle between the Ny-Failen and humankind, who will prevail in the fight to rule Jior?

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