Dust (Splatter Western Book 3) by Chris Miller

Everything about this book is not my cup of tea and yet I keep coming back to this author and this series.  It’s like that terrible accident that you just have to rubberneck.  Thank goodness it’s summer with lots of daylight hours because I consumed this book in two days.

Taking a departure from the norm for this series, the story starts back in time – a true western. Reading it lulled me into a relaxed state as there was violence but no creatures, that Miller does wonderfully, until you are well into the book.  Then BAM – they’re back! Interspersed between the blood and gore are some wonderful characters with good hearts that give a glimpse of positive in a dreadful tale.

An incredible tale artistically told. 

And Yeah – I’ll probably read the next one too!

For more about this author an all his horrifying books, CLICK HERE.


1879: An unknown and timeless evil descends on East Texas. James Dee, bestowed with knowledge from beyond, moves through time and space, pursuing age-old horrors and ending their reign. As he seeks the hidden town of Dust to continue his lifework, another is hot on his heels, and will stop at nothing to rip the divine knowledge from Dee. As these opposing forces collide, Dee becomes both hero and villian in his quest against the Elders. He doesn’t have time to be sorry–THERE ARE GODS TO KILL

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