Preying Games (Foley Chronicles) by Nathan Bush

The Foley Chronicles continue with this next episode and the introduction of a strong female Sr. Detective named Shelby!  John continues with his faith and strength helping the team on the next case.  As well as the interesting characters Berg and Quinn rounding out the four corners of this Christian Crime series.

I was glad to get back to Foley and see what has been going on. A female killer is targeting cheating men, and with a flair for some drama and hidden messages, she has the team working overtime.

Nathan Bush always keeps me absorbed into the story and turning pages as fast as I can read them.    His “killer” characters (pun intended! ) are always enthralling, and the glimpses into the private lives of the detectives keep me engrossed in this series.

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She’s on the hunt, and Foley will be her preyground.Amy is a tech savvy blogger who is tired of being trampled on by men. Utilizing her considerable technical skills, she concocts a plan to rid Foley of its aristocracy by drawing them into a deadly game of seduction. Namely, men of power and money. Men who think they’re above the rest of society. Men who are out for themselves.Detective Shelby Lynn joins the 8th District Homicide Squad and is immediately thrust into an untenable situation when she’s partnered with the disagreeable Detective Berg Anderson. They soon team with Senior Detective John Filcher and Detective Quin Butler on a case, which quickly turns into more than a simple murder investigation. The team encounters crime scenes that aren’t what they seem, bugs, drugs, newspaper editorials, a possible copy cat killer, one of their own in trouble, and much more.Can the Homicide Detectives of the 8th District stop this killer before she eliminates her lengthy list of prey?

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