Two great books – Spider and Playdough! By Educator S. D. Burke

Spider….The Celebrity by S. D. Burke

This adorable book will have you laughing and talking with your child about all the ways that you might be able to convince Spider for an autograph!  Done with a tongue in cheek attitude that any one would enjoy (including me!) the possibilities are endless. 


You will never look at spiders the same way again!

Spider thinks he is a celebrity. Why, you ask? Because if anyone sees him, they scream with “delight!” Will he be able to escape some overzealous fans? This hilarious tale shows that your perspective on life, no matter how misconstrued, can keep you confident in any situation.

Perfect for fans of Mo Willems’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back!

Playdough Palooza!: A Step By Step Guide To Playdough Fun! By S. D. Burke

This simplistically set up book is a bonus for any adult wanting to help a child prepare for the tasks of school or for a child to use themselves to learn not just how to create but how to follow directions, a chronological process or develop beginning reading skills.

Small easy facts are included that can lead a child (and adult) into a search for more.  It is a great addition to any household or classroom for ages 2 and up.

For more about this author and all their books, CLICK HERE.


Playdough Palooza! is the playdough guide for modern families. Packed with bright photographs, current creations and fun facts, this guide will spark creativity and wonder in children of all ages. Instead of staring at a screen, children will be using their imagination and will be proud of what they can create. With more than 20 step by step figures, Playdough Palooza! will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

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