Transformation: 30 Years by Julie Cull

The story begins with a teenager struggling to live with an overbearing mother.  Rules and no freedom is wearing at the main character, Jenny. Following her life through a rigid high school experience, where she is continuously trying to buck the system, to college life where she has the guardrails removed, we watch as her life goes off the rails.  Experimenting and testing the limits of not only her physical but also emotional life, Jenny falls down a hole of discontent.  She is constantly chasing the next thing that she believes will make her life better, but none of these work. 

When Jenny finally learns not to direct her life but instead allows her life to be led by the grace of her spiritual life, her entire world changes.

This book reminded me of the old saying, “When you are in a hole, stop digging.” Jenny does not know when to stop digging.  She is looking for the next external thing that will improve her life. Instead when she looks inside, to what her mother tried to give her, she discovers a solid foundation.

A read for anyone on the road of life.

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This book is an autobiographical yet fictionalized account of a young woman’s journey through many facets, or serious issues, of life such as racism, domestic violence, bullying, eating disorders, lost love, alcoholism, low self esteem, poor self image, overcoming poverty, stereotypes…These are just some of the issues that are addressed in this book. The protagonist resents her “overprotective” mother keeping her from the “fun and mystery” of the darkness. When she finally “escapes” to college and has the power to “live life her own way” she experiences some of the lowest points of her life. Had it not been for the Grace of a Risen Savior, she would have perished. She was, “Saved by Grace.” The book is an easy, quick read that speaks to varying age groups. There is something in the book for anyone who reads it. The book is a ray of hope for those going through various struggles in life to be “tenacious,” and have hope because your Transformation is on the way!!!

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