A Time of Prophecy (The Outlands Pentalogy) by Rebecca Crunden

This collection of five books has been a joy and an adventure to read.  The main characters pulled me into the first book and kept me coming back for more.  While the book fits all the descriptive labels it has been given, it is also a book of crossing all the lines of diversity.  The characters do not make the story so much as the story gives the characters life.

I was a tiny bit concerned as I read because the author once again had some elegant twists that I have come to expect in this series and I could not imagine I would be content with the ending.  I was wrong.   While I will miss Kitty, Nate, Thom, Riddle and all the others, I hope this author creates another world for me to occupy for a time. (Although I do think that Hermione may come begging for more time!)

How do you thank an author for giving you such a journey?  Well I did it by buying a paper copy of this book to live on my shelf with other well-loved stories.

For more about this Author and Pentalogy, CLICK HERE


In the years since Kitty, Nate and Thom escaped the Kingdom, the Plague has ravaged the population and the rebels have seized two of the northern countries. In an attempt to bring order to the chaos, the leader of the rebels, Nate’s old friend James, has agreed to hold trials for those responsible for intentionally leaking the Plague.

Unfortunately, the rumour in the Kingdom is that Kitty is responsible. To make matters worse, Blaise tells Kitty that the Council, who still count her father as one of their own, are once again experimenting on Radiants. It’s a horrifying realisation that hits too close to home, and for the first time in her life, Kitty thirsts for vengeance. It’s a thirst that’s matched by the one person who has always been her mirror — her Complement, Thom.

On the other side of the Wall in the Outlands, desperate to bring Kitty home and finish the Council once and for all, Thom begins plotting, using the skills he’s long honed to outsmart those with more power. But outsmarting his enemies might turn Thom into the very thing he’s always feared becoming, and war soon seems the only possible solution to stopping the Council and the Hangman. But with more than a few looking to the ancient prophecy of peace, Thom searches desperately for a way to circumvent more bloodshed.

Yet the weight of the years have taken their toll, and as Thom’s physical and mental health deteriorate, Nate struggles with the fallout of past crimes, both the ones he did commit, and the ones he didn’t …

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