Ghastly and Good (Merry Hanukkah Series Short) by Debby Caruso

TODAY is release day for this treat!  (No tricks were involved in the writing of this review.)

Living in a Merry Hanukkah family, I love this series.  As one of the few holidays my husband and I share, Halloween has always been a big deal at our house.  I totally relate to Rhonda and her go above and beyond attitude!  This short is the perfect supplement to this already wonderful series.  Whether you are in a blended family, or not, you will enjoy the humor and organized chaos.

Start with the first book Merry Hanukkah (because why would you want to miss anything?) and follow with Happy Everything – then jump into fall and this book.  Now I have to go find some apple cider donuts that I am suddenly craving. 

I wonder what Rhonda would do for Arbor Day???????

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Join Rhonda, Dez, and the Merry Hanukkah crew as they try to pull off yet another holiday feat in this Halloween Short that’s sure to leave you laughing.

In an attempt to treat the kids at the local shelter to a Halloween party like no other, Rhonda finds herself running out of time, battling a hurricane, and wrestling with ghosts. In true Rhonda fashion, she has a few tricks up her sleeve, and the end result is anything but ghastly.

Grab a hot apple cider—or pumpkin spice anything—snuggle up, and enjoy a short story that will bring you back to a time when Halloween was filled with all the good things life has to offer.

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