Cerberus Rising by Patrick C. Harrison III, Chris Miller, M Ennenbach

When the ONE horror author you are willing to read says, “hey, want to read something I did with these other two horror authors?” Of course I said yes.  I love the idea of being able to read some new authors and find some possible new books to read. It’s like that sampler box of chocolates.  Some you love – some you try to pawn off on your husband.

With this collection – I was stretched to the limit of extremes.  First off everything is wrapped around 3 and the first 1/3 of the book is 3 stories dealing with Cabin Fever – really guys?  Have you not been in the world recently?  After being lulled into the first story and then being blasted, I am totally rethinking having anyone here for Thanksgiving.

The 2nd third all deal with letters and Chris Miller showed a side I hadn’t seen before in his, well done.  And then the last 1/3 – Chaos – OMG – In our world gone mad, the scariest thing was how possible the stories all are!

This might just be a little too much for some, but then again if you don’t consider extremes, how will you ever be able to deal with them – because they are here.

All in all I would recommend this – just with the usual caveat I give – read in the daylight.  Make sure someone else is home and keep the dog close!

This book is currently free on Unlimited, CLICK HERE.


A poet, a master of horror, and a master of suspense join forces as Cerberus. With three prompts–Cabin Fever, Letters, and Chaos–the three-headed beast dishes out nine novelettes. Cerberus Rises with their unique styles to take you on a journey through nine different levels of Hell.

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