Secrets Can Kill (Tracey Marks Mystery) By Ellen Shapiro

Shapiro is back with her second mystery featuring Tracey Marks.  When a potential client turns up dead, Tracey is down the rabbit hole of maybe? clues, trying to get to the truth.  Tracey’s independent nature with a drop of quirky humor leads the reader on another whodunit?

While this series has the feel of a cozy mystery, it also has enough gumption to be a light mystery, filling a void for the reader who wants just a little more. This is a book of multiple moving parts that are anchored by Tracey, her love interest Jack (also a PI) and her best friend, Susie.  Keep your eye on the clues and maybe you can solve the mystery before Tracey (I doubt it, but it can’t hurt to try)!

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When PI Tracey Marks receives a distraught phone call from Stephanie Harris, urgently asking to see her, but never shows, Tracey drives to Stephanie’s home in Scarsdale, NY only to discover Stephanie has been killed.

Though the police are ruling it a robbery, Tracey has her doubts and decides to do some sleuthing on her own. As Tracey delves into Stephanie’s life, it leads her back to where Stephanie went to high school.

As Tracey questions Stephanie’s high school friends, she soon learns they all have secrets and they are not as innocent as they appear. With all the secrets and lies Tracey has to unravel, she seeks the help of her boyfriend Jack, also a private investigator, and her best friend Susie, a lawyer.

When she finally realizes who the killer is, Tracey finds her life is in danger and in a situation she may not be able to escape from this time.

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