Germs of War by Ketan Desai

This is a pulsating bioterrorism thriller.  While the biological warfare is scary all on it’s own, the really frightening part is how normal the world surrounding the creation of the weapon is. The logical manner in which the author presents the entire scenario made me realize just how easily this could all happen.    

Told from several viewpoints with an unlikely heroine, there is just enough science for the non-nerds to get what is going on.  The author takes a fictional idea and presents it in a real life way – or maybe it’s the other way around.  Either way this was a quick, intriguing read that kept me on the edge of my seat.

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Imagine a world where suicide bombers can pass through the world’s tightest airport security undetected, and deliver their payload to any nation on the planet. Now imagine that ISIS has the technology.

Tracy is a busy medical student, trying to make her way through an academic jungle when she stumbles upon a plot to use covert agents to carry out a biological attack on the US. Battling inept scientists, crooked politicians, and rogue CIA agents, she quickly finds herself thrust into a nightmare scenario in a race to stop the FineDierum* bacteria from destroying all of western civilization.

Based on real-world science, Germs of War gives the reader a terrifying vision into a world where terrorists can easily deliver weapons of mass destruction to any point on the planet. With the credentials to pen an authentic bio-terror story, Doctor Ketan Desai creates a compelling tale of intrigue, espionage, and horror on a scale unprecedented.

*Latin for End Of Days. In Arabic it would be: nihayat al’ayam

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