H2LiftShips Volumes 1 & 2: a tech manual for a future – Imagine a world, exactly like ours, but different by Bob Freeman

This a very different kind of book.  Think part tech manual, part science fiction, part alternative universe, and part I’m not sure what.  I can see someone who is a sci-fi or tech nerd totally enjoying this book.  It is well written and has a lot of good parts.  Unfortunately for me, it is not something I would pick up to read for enjoyment. 

I rarely talk stars in my reviews but I will be giving this book 4 stars.  Just because it is not for me does not mean it would not be enjoyable read for someone else.  I did enjoy the characters and the idea of working with a canine, simian or octopus does intrigue me!

For more about this author CLICK HERE.


It may not be our future, but a future we can get behind. Meet hard-working sentients: humans, canines, simians, and octopuses, plying our heliosphere. Solar sail ships hacked comm lines, buried Luna casinos, pirates, dust balls, and weaponized beef jerky. And after your cruise through the Asteroid belt, Mars, and Luna, Earth for a party in the desert, with Carne Asada burritos.

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