Season of the Spider: Copper Book 1 by JB Murray

Perfect for the season! Let me start by saying I previously did not have an issue with spiders – they did their thing, I did mine.  Two tarantulas even lived in my game room for many years as pets of my son.  Well, after reading this, my opinion has changed.  STOMP them all!

With realistic and even a little bit snarky characters who can throw out decent one-liners, I was captivated and pulled into this first book of the series.  The main character Copper, is just your average guy trying to live an average life.  However when magick becomes part of his world, everything goes upside down.  There are some scary scenes that border on horror but are really more in the scary/gross category.

Yes, those who know me – I only read this during daylight hours.  Just because I am a wimp when it comes to scary does not mean I don’t love a great story.

I look forward to reading where the next place this author is going to take us and Copper.

For more about Murray and all his books, CLICK HERE.


“Monday morning, I woke to my average, ordinary life as a coffee shop owner by day, and struggling writer by night. Little did I know, that by Tuesday evening, I’d be battling the forces of evil with a magick I didn’t know I possessed.”

A call from his best friend’s wife, sets Gabriel Copper on an adventure like no other. His mundane, ordinary life is turned upside down as he follows his best friend across the borders of this dimension to one parallell our own, one containing a vast army of unimaginable creatures.

With the help of his new friend and mentor, Gabriel struggles to grasp not only the crumbling reality around him, but also the magick forced upon him by this mentor, in a desperate attempt to thwart the crawling invasion hell-bent on taking over the world.

There are things that go bump in the night, oh yes. But then, there are things far worse. Things that skitter and bite.

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