The Caribou King by Christine Conrad Cazes

Finalist Book Talk Radio Club 2020

With the holiday season right around the corner, this needs to be on your list.

This delightfully illustrated children’s book would be a bonus on any child’s shelf.  It would make for a lovely bedtime or anytime story.  With a touch of magic and whimsy, it gives children an opportunity to use their imaginations. When the main characters push the limits and have an adventure, things take a challenging turn.  It is definitely a story of hope and hanging on in tough times.

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Hope turns misfortune into a new beginning in this adventurous children’s story, The Caribou King.

Rae stares at his caribou family after awakening from a dream that seems so real. He watches his family enjoy the fresh taste of new moss and ferns until Doe challenges him to a race toward the highest mountain.

Despite several warnings to return home, the two young deer explore the mountain, only to discover a hidden opening covered by vines and bushes. Curiosity leads them deep into a hidden cave until they feel the earth shake.

Frightened, Rae and Doe huddle together in a small alcove watching the stone walls crumble and the floor crack wide open forming a sinkhole.

Rae falls deeper and deeper below the cave’s surface, crying for help, until he lands on frozen ground in the magical Land of Light. In this peaceful place, Rae discovers a powerful gift that transforms his world and changes the lives of his caribou family.

The Caribou King embraces the idea of hope. When faced with personal dilemmas or natural disasters, we need to hold onto the hope that tomorrow will be better.

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