Underground Adventure (Below the Green, Book 1) by A. R. Hetherington

Finalist Book Talk Radio Club 2020

As I was reading this book, it was easy to see how it became a finalist.  Also the reviews from the experts (those under the age of 12) are precious and spot on.

This adventure happens in many layers.  A simple ring that leads to a portal starts the tale, and the experiences unfold in a quick and enticing manner.  Clever illustrations keep you swiping the pages.  As the first book, it does a good job of establishing the characters, their environments and relationships but also gives you a great tale to follow with a satisfying conclusion.

This is a delightful beginning that will have any child anxiously awaiting the next book.

Right now, this book is available on KU. For more about this author and all their books, CLICK HERE.


Plucky Maggie and bookish James discover a secret portal taking them deep underground to an amazing and unique world full of perilous challenges. They team up with Quinn, one of the daring Earthlie children, in an edge of your seat rescue mission with twists and turns, leading up to a heart in your mouth race against time. Will their unique skills and loyal new friendship be enough to outwit their beastly foes?

This stunning fantasy debut is the first in a fast paced series which packs a punch and is dripping in magic at every turn.

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