Blind Turn by Cara Sue Achterberg

This story deftly deals with a devasting accident and the ripple effect it has on a community.  Each character is isolated in their own bubble of emotions yet affected by all the others.  I think this book would be a great Book Club pick as there are so many discussions and conversations that arise while reading.

How far are you willing to go to protect your child? And what is possible versus what should be done? How well do we know others, even those we are sharing a home with? What are the ties that bind us to others, whether family, marriage, friendship, or acquaintance?

With the setting of a small town in Texas, the location directly affects all the characters.  Not just as a place but as an environment. Having grown up in a small town I could easily relate to everyone knowing your business even when it might not be the real version of an event.

This is not just a story of loss but also its deep and lasting ramifications.

This book will be released on January 7, 2021.

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In the aftermath of a fatal texting and driving accident, a mother and daughter must come to terms with the real meaning of forgiveness.

Liz Johnson single-handedly raised an exemplary daughter. Jessica is an honor-student, track star, and all-around good kid. So how could that same teenager be responsible for the death of the high school’s beloved football coach? This is Texas, where high school football ranks right up there with God, so while the legal battle wages, the public deals its own verdict.

Desperate for help, Liz turns to a lawyer whose affection she once rejected and attempts to play nice with her ex-husband. Jessica faces her angry peers and her own demons as she awaits a possible prison sentence for an accident she doesn’t remember.

A tragic, emotional, ultimately uplifting story, Blind Turn is a natural book club pick.

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