A Long Way Home by Myra Hargrave McIlvain

I am a fan of this author, and when I saw she had written a contemporary story, I was intrigued.  I know Myra as a Texas History expert and her books of Historical Fiction (always strong on the history, light on the fiction!) entertain and educate.  She brought all those skills into this current book. 

The story centers around Meredith, who escapes the falling of the 9/11 towers to start a new life in the Rio Grande area of Texas.  The author’s precise research shows through as well as her talent for weaving the tale to include a plethora of amazing characters.

Always a joy to read this author! The only way it could have been better was if I had purchased it directly from her at the Texas Book Festival and had it signed.  Myra always has a huge smile and a welcoming attitude.  Maybe next year – fingers crossed.

For more about this wonderful author and all her books, CLICK HERE!


After crippling her husband in an auto crash, Meredith Haggerty endures years of his abuse while harboring a plan to escape when she can make it look as if she died.  She grasps her chance at freedom on 9/11 when she survives the fall of the North Tower.

Heading to a new life in Mexico, her seatmate on the bus is Father Jacque Richelieu who convinces her to teach English at his community center on the Texas Rio Grande. She finds a home, but she and the priest discover that they have not found themselves.

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