Forensics: The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People by Harry A. Milman, PhD

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that when I get my hands on a non-fiction book, it’s like candy!  Having read and enjoyed fiction works by this author, I was curious to see what he had compiled.  Given his background mentioned in his bio, I expected to be impressed.  And I was.

Each chapter centers on one celebrity.  Using public records and his own knowledge, Dr. Milman gives the reader an overview of the death followed by a short history of the life of the celebrity.  He wraps each chapter up with his conclusions and the logic he used in his decisions. 

Many of the stories I had seen in newspapers during my life and it brought back memories of feelings at each passing. Whether you are a fan of any of the vast celebrities or science, you will be well entertained and informed with this book. I learned a lot reading this book and the hubby has been listening to me throw out captivating facts for the last few days!  Being a curious person, this was perfect for me.

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Carrie Fisher, also known as Princess Leia from Star Wars, had been abusing cocaine and other pharmaceuticals for many years, so when it was announced that she died from sleep apnea, I was skeptical. A more plausible explanation would have been that she died from a drug overdose. A review of the medical examiner’s report revealed that the Fisher family refused to give permission for an autopsy and toxicology tests to be done. Constrained by these limitations, the coroner labeled the manner of death “undetermined”.

FORENSICS: The Science behind the Deaths of Famous People is an analysis and description of how coroners determine the cause and manner of death. An investigation of twenty-three deaths of famous people was conducted based on a review of publicly available autopsy and toxicology reports, as well as published scientific and lay articles. Drug use was implicated in 70 percent of the deaths. Four celebrity deaths were the result of suicide or homicide. Four others were from natural causes.

2 thoughts on “Forensics: The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People by Harry A. Milman, PhD

  1. I am fascinated by forensics! In my last year of law school, we took a Law and Medicine class, and got to go see autopsies. Interesting as all get out. If I could go tell my younger self to take a different path, I might go into forensics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book!


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