Hippie Hollow: Murder on a Nude Beach: A B.B. Rivers Mystery, Book One by Denniger Bolton

As you know, I get a lot of books.  I pick them up all over the place, authors and publicists send them to me, friends refer, other bloggers share.  I am not sure where I picked this one up, but it has been sitting on the to-read shelf for a while (maybe 2 years).  It even visited another blogger and came back as they assured me I would enjoy it.  I decided to finish my reading year with something fun and what could be better than a mystery set on a nude beach that is a stone’s throw from my house!

The main character, B.B., is a good old boy with true Texas characteristics.  Ex-football player (aren’t all males in Texas?) trying to find a way to get by lands a job with a private investigator.  With good instincts but no real knowledge, he is thrown into a 5-year-old murder case of a few teens at Hippie Hollow.  Toss in an evangelical minister, straight florist, excentric aunt, the backroads of Austin and I was hooked. Like the characters, this is a mix of mystery, adventure and good ole boy humor.

It might have taken me a long time to get to this book but I am so glad I finally did.

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A Novel Set at a Nude Beach! What could be more Austin-tatious and notorious than Hippie Hollow?

What do you get when you set your story in contemporary Austin, Texas, mix in multiple murders at a nude beach, toss in a collection of Keep Austin Weird characters, stir with lots of action, drop in your hero, rodeo cowboy, bouncer at a 6th Street bar, former Austin cop and the city’s newest private investigator, B. B. Rivers, and simmer over a page turning plot? Hippie Hollow – Murder on a Nude Beach.

Author Note: This is the first novel in the B.B. Rivers mystery novel series. It took me awhile to figure out what genre to which the book belonged. Definitely a mystery, but also action/adventure/thriller with a touch of noir in the daytime and don’t forget pulp fiction, but really it’s a funny book in the same way that Austin, Texas is a funny place to set a book. I thought it would be funny when I was typing it because I rolled in my own aisles a few times.

Hippie Hollow is an actual place, a nude beach on Lake Travis just west of Austin (the only clothing optional local in Texas) where my protagonist B.B., ex-cop, rodeo cowboy, bouncer on 6th Street, gets his first taste of being a private eye. And it took me five years to write this first novel in the B.B. Rivers series of mystery, action/adventure, humorous novels. Why? I had to get up and start writing at 4 o’clock (and that’s a.m.). I’d write for three hours and then go milk goats and make cheese. Made for a long day. No wonder it took so long to write it. Now days I can write a novel in a year or less. Ah, progress.

I think you will find “Hippie Hollow” a unique read, something like a Carl Hiaasen story set in Texas. Take a chance on B.B. Rivers and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Once you read this one, you’ll be happy to know, I’ve got four more B.B. novels waiting for you, and one more on the way soon.

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