Love At The Library by Amanda Kai

The author states that this is a clean, wholesome contemporary romance, and that is a perfect description.  It is a sweet story of two characters who each have experienced relationships they would rather have skipped but by maturing and growing, they take a chance on each other. With Jane Austen and her books playing a minor character, Megan finds her Mr. Darcy. I enjoyed this charming read and suggest it is for anyone in high school or older.

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Megan Vasquez is no stranger to heartbreak. She moved to Austin to follow her boyfriend, only to learn he was cheating on her. Can she learn to open her heart again and trust someone new?Levi Whittaker never expected love would walk in the door at the library where he works. But the moment he meets Megan, he can tell she’s something special. Levi and Megan’s shared love of books brings them closer, but is it enough to keep them together? When Levi’s old flame shows up, will Megan be able to trust that Levi’s heart is true to her?

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