BROWNer by G. L. Rix

Back in the dark ages, when we could attend events in person, I met this author at the Texas Book Festival.  I have really enjoyed her cozy mystery books and was so happy when she said she had a new book out in a new series.  All the things I love are in this book.  Quirky characters, less than perfect investigations, real life and even a kangaroo making an appearance among other places in my favorite traveling stop – Buc-ees!

Brown (no first name, no other name just Brown!) has his hands full with small cases.  He is still trying to figure out how he got the reputation of dealing with small cases! With a cast of characters that would make the Artful Dodger jealous, Brown is trying to find an embarrassing video, a kangaroo and deal with a man wanting someone who is already dead, dealt with. And for him it just seems like a normal day – except for an uninvited cat and how did Ms. Kacey get his house key?

A romp of a fun read that I highly suggest to add some pleasure to your reading!

For more about this author and all their wonderful books, CLICK HERE.


When an irascible San Antonio P.I. attracts the wrong kind of attention from a family of cops, his whole life changes in an instant. They love him. Think he’s cute.

He’s not.

At least, he wasn’t.

BROWNER, another mystery novel by G.L. Rix, picks up where BROWN started, at a parking lot meeting a new client who has a familiar beef he wants Brown to check out–El Condor, San Antonio’s most interesting crime boss, who was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid.

And that’s just the beginning of Brown’s troubles. He usually gets saddled with the little cases. The ones nobody else will take. This time is no different, but . . .


Kangaroo ahead!

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