Jesus & Judas: Best Friends Forever by Ralph E. Jarrells

I will be the first to admit that my biblical knowledge is basic.  However, the relationship between Jesus and Judas has been one I am curious about.  This author offers a fictionalized version of what their lives could have been based on the Bible and various historical texts. A tremendous amount of research and many passages from the Bible reinforce the validity of this author’s proposed scenario. 

If you enjoy the King James version of the Bible, this will make for an easy read.

For more about this author, CLICK HERE.


It was a magical night.

Clear. So clear that you could see forever. A million, million stars filled the blackness, the moonless sky, from border to border, from north to south, from east to west. The stars seemed so close, as if you could reach out and touch them. Like you could reach up, swirl your hand around and capture a handful of them. So many stars they must have multiplied just for that special night.

Then… a sudden flash… in the East. A blinding flash as bright as the sun. It brightened the eastern sky. As the light faded, there was in the same place a star, ten times brighter than any other. Was it a sign? What could it mean?

This celestial manifestation was an announcement of the birth of a man who would change the world.

His name was Judah bar Simon. But you know him as…

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