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Categories: Nonfiction / Motivational Stories / Positivity / Relationship Building / Integrity / Time Management / Entrepreneurship
Publisher: Lucid House Publishing
Date of Publication: January 8, 2021
Pages: 154
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Knock! Knock! is a fast-paced, fun-filled journey through the author’s career in sales that not only teaches you how to be better at selling but to also have a ton of fun while you are doing it.
Knock! Knock! invites you to join Doug on what salespeople call “a ride along,” which is where a senior salesperson shows a newbie the ropes. This book delivers a winning sales philosophy learned through years of experience and is illustrated by real-life stories that Doug shares — along with multiple Knock-Knock Moments (or lessons and revelations learned) that have fueled his career and that he believes will help yours.
Every one of us is in Sales. If you deal with people, you are in sales. Knock! Knock! teaches you how to get out of your Comfort Zone to believe in yourself and to believe in the product, services, or message you are trying to sell. But it also teaches you to have a great time while you are doing it.

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I run my own business, and while I don’t particularly appreciate thinking of it in this way  – I am always selling.  Myself, my reputation, my services, etc.  As the author states, no one ever dreams of being a salesperson, but at some point, we all are going to have to sell something.

After giving the reader his background so that we could better understand the platform he based his sales attitude on, the author dives into his experiences.  Along the way, he has placed boxes containing quick tips, reflections, motivational phrases and items to think about.  Like this author who worked insurance in a pure commission setting, all authors are working commission purely or in their case – sale by sale.

The guidance Mr. Thompson gives can be applied to a plethora of situations.  His step-by-step of No Shortcuts, track your numbers, set goals and expect adversity is universal for any and all business (and personal life too!).

Sales and life contain the good, the bad and the ugly, and this author does not shy away from discussing all.  I think one of the most important points he made was that selling is 80% prospecting and 20% selling.  This can be applied, and I do try, to making anyone successful.







Douglas Thompson’s passion for improving the customer’s experience as well as the sales profession continues to drive him as he comes up with new ideas to answer this question: How can we make the sales process better? Starting out as an insurance agent going down the street selling accident insurance by knocking on doors, Doug quickly moved into the management side of the life and health insurance industry, hiring and training agents to be successful doing the same. His ability to build successful sales teams caught the eye of the corporate leadership of several major companies. Doug became the vice president of sales and marketing for Conseco and was recruited to do the same for Pacificare, UnitedHealthcare, American Republic, Tranzact, and Humana.
Currently, he is the marketing director for a large national insurance wholesaler that recruits and trains insurance agents and agencies in the senior marketplace across the country, and he continues to build his own general agency, which offers life and health products to the senior population. He is known nationally for his innovations in the sales industry and frequently speaks and trains on his favorite topic of sales.
Doug and his wife Shirley own a Bed & Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas.

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3 thoughts on “KNOCK! KNOCK!

  1. Thanks for the post and promotion of Knock! Knock! today.
    The Knock Knock moments (learning moments) shared in this book can and do apply to every field of sales. Even convincing your teenager to clean their room can be an experience in sales. So why not learn to have fun doing so.


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