Ulrik by Wendy L. Anderson

I am a fact person, and it takes a lot for me to ‘believe’ when reading any type of Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Time Travel. This author is one of a handful where I can ‘believe’ the story.

As is the style of Anderson, you are immediately enmeshed in a beautifully described world and characters.  Anderson writes in full 4D for this book. Using time travel and renewal as main themes, Ulrik and Tessa face the challenges of a dimension beyond their homes as well as beyond their basic knowledge.  The continuing struggle of their survival and ability to thrive are central.

A plan to help a dying race will come to challenge Ulrik and his entire family.  Come for the characters but stay for the adventure.

I have enjoyed a previous series written by this author and very much liked that she is expanding her repertoire.  I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

For more about this author and all her wonderful books, CLICK HERE.


Death was the beginning of their adventure.

Drowning when his ship went down in a vicious storm, Ulrik the Viking thought it was the end. Instead, he awakens on a new and brutal Earth. Believing he was banished to this strange land by the gods as punishment, he faces the mountainous wilderness alone.

Tessa, a lonely and brokenhearted woman, dies in her sleep on her 85th birthday. She too awakens surrounded by the frightful and the unknown. Both are mysteriously thrown into new bodies facing new lives, new hopes, new dangers, and new desires.

Cast through time and other dimensions, fate has given Ulrik and Tessa a second chance at life and love. They must survive on a ruthless new world against a brutal warrior race determined to use them to conquer extinction and enter into the age of metal. All that stands against them is ULRIK!

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