Welcome to the Punkhorns by Benjamin Bradley

I had no idea what a Punkhorn was before I started this book.  Now – I think I may just avoid them if I ever see them.  This was a well-done mystery inside of a mystery with some wonderful subplots and characters.  Urban legends are at the heart of this story, and their belief by the residents of this village gives the undertone of something evil lurking at the edges.

Main characters, PI Casper and sidekick Hoagie, may just be my new favorite pair.  Throw in the new yet centered Detective Delaney, and I really wanted to move to this town. 

I have no idea if this was a standalone or going to be part of a series but if it continues – I want to be along for the ride!  This was definitely my cup of tea, and no chores or errands were done during the reading of this book!

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When three people vanish from the same patch of forest, it looks unlike any case that Detective Delaney Shepard has ever seen in the sleepy beachside village of Brewster, Massachusetts. As she investigates, she soon learns that the scene of their disappearance has been the source of urban legends for centuries. After all, whether they’re true or not, the whole town fears The Punkhorns.

When the case stalls, the town hires Casper Kelly, an out-of-town private investigator, to bring some order to the chaos that has erupted in the town. Delaney reluctantly teams up with the outsider and prays that he’ll wrap this up quickly. But even Casper has no explanation for this puzzling case.

As they work together to unravel the cryptic evidence left behind, the case takes a sudden twist. Then another. Soon, Casper and Delaney suspect that the truth may be far more sinister than any urban legend…

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