The Phantom Games: Dimension Unknown 2020

If you have been following along for a while, you know how much I enjoy a collection of short stories.  It always gives me pleasure to find gems and new authors.  Once again I was not disappointed.  This collection was supposed to be centered around the 2020 Olympic games but we all know what a cluster (fill in your word choice here) that year ended up being.  So like the rest of the world the authors picked themselves up, reevaluated, revised and ran.  From non-fiction to Science Fiction to reflection to folklore this collection had it all.

Just a few highlights of my favorites –

Fox Fire by Gerri Leen – a twist of folklore and myth. This story did the perfect job of leaving me with the desire for more by this author.  The weaving of words that created images was skillfully done.

The Tofu Maker by Shogo Oketani – a sweet story from a young boy’s perspective.  A lesson on appreciating what you have when you have it.

Be Happy by C. W. Hawes – As a glass not half full but usually completely full kind of person I have found a bond with this author!

Not So Fast, Not So High, Not So Strong by Charles Kowalski – a study in reflection and respect for Mother Nature. 

…anything’s possible, Sunday… by Michele Baron – start a story with a Laura Ingalls Wilder quote and I’m ½ way to enjoying it.  Throw the story into the future and I was hanging on for the ride.

I know I’ve used this comment before but this is definitely a perfect box of assorted chocolates – pick one or many and enjoy.

For more about this book, CLICK HERE.


33 authors, musicians and artists from around the world …

16 insightful tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy …

17 eye-witness accounts of a real-life world under siege …

This anthology was planned as a celebration of the greatest sporting event in the world and its 2020 host country, Japan. After being heavily updated to reflect the changes that have turned this year upside down, it’s now a document of how our lives have been transformed, and what we should expect in the immediate future.

We are slowly awaking from the nightmare that was 2020 …

Let the Phantom Games begin.

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