Void of Power: From The Ashes by Andrew C. Raiford

In full disclosure, I had the pleasure of editing this book.  I edit, beta read, and review many books (over 300 in the last two years).  But specific authors and their works stand out – and this one certainly is in that category.  The author is writing from a vast knowledge covering a wide variety of skills and experiences.  He hooked me with his characters.  The Walsh family is a sweet onion with so many flavorful layers.  Just when you know one, a peel reveals something new and another member of the tribe.  He even made 10 year olds interesting!

This is an action/adventure tale that realistically throws in super powers.  The battle scenes alone should earn this book a place on your shelf.  Presented with logic and creativity, you will be tempted to let the pages fly – but slow down and savor the intricate maneuvers and character personalities that shine through. 

You can read this one without reading the first one – but really, why?  It’s much better when you get the whole story.

For more about this author and his books, CLICK HERE.


In the second book of the Void of Power series, the President of the United States is compromised by a telepathic, opening the door for deep-state subversives to escalate their war on the Void. The stage is set for a recurrence of the Cultural War that destroyed civilization many decades before. The government’s chief targets are gifted individuals with powers to rival or surpass those of their captives.

The Walsh family does everything they can to protect Coraline and Eli from those bent on eradicating them, yet it becomes apparent that they also are being protected. With the advantage of technology far beyond anything previously known to mankind, the awesome power of the two children, and a hand-full of Texas Rangers, they decide to take the fight to the enemy.

In a daring mission to rescue gifted individuals being held prisoner by unscrupulous scientists, the true power of the Void becomes apparent. The fragile peace is shattered as Federal forces and the inhabitants of the Void clash in a technological meat grinder.

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