Entanglement : A Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller by Alina Leonova

This is an intense read.  Not just in subject matter, worlds, and environments but also in characters.  The reader is dropped into Cay’s world, which is in the process of being torn apart.  Whether this is because of Cay or not is the first of many roads the reader must take to follow the story. 

Technically this is a very good story.  However, it is a weave of three plot lines, and while the author does a good job at leading the reader through, there were times that I had to stop and think it through to get where I was being led.  There are also a few subplots that added a slight bit of confusion.  All of these major and minor parts are interesting and thought-provoking. While I enjoy the unexpected there was so much at times I was exhausted reading it. 

I feel like this book might have been better for this reader if it was expanded into two or even a trilogy. 

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No implant, no life. Cutting it out was probably a mistake, and the hunt for the truth can get them killed.

An inexplicable plague has changed everything, turning plants murderous. In this new ruthless world, simulations are indistinguishable from reality, nature is off limits, and humans need all their ingenuity just to survive.

Two people who have nothing in common abandon their lives under strange circumstances, plunging into the unknown.

Cay flees home, cutting his very identity out of his palm along with his implant. Leaving everything he knows and loves behind, he runs from the bizarre mess he’s found himself in. But is it even real, or is he stuck in a malfunctioning sim?

Vietra escapes the Nest, where she’s been raised, abandoning her mysterious purpose. She’s had enough of the Master’s cruelty, and she refuses to continue her training, setting on a dangerous journey so that she can finally be free. The darkness she discovers within herself frightens her and threatens to push her over the edge.

When their fates suddenly intertwine in the criminal underworld, they get the chance to unravel the riddle of what’s happened to them, but they have no idea where this strange and perilous path will lead them.

Mind-bending, exciting and unpredictable according to the readers’ reviews, this cyberpunk thriller will take you on a ride filled with plot twists, suspense and unexpected turns of events.

‘You never really know what’s coming in this one, and that’s what makes it so much fun to read!’ Joshua Grant

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