Darkness & Grace by Kathryn Schleich

About a year ago I read another book by this author and even though I knew the first time not to start reading a bedtime, I ignored my knowledge and started this book at – you guessed it – bedtime.  Well I made it until after midnight and then my eyes would not cooperate any longer.  This author has a way of pulling the reader immediately into a story. Her characters and I have a love-hate relationship (I love to hate them!) that just keeps me reading.

This is a presentation of things and people not being what they appear to be at first glance.  A perfect family with a real estate company, a happy second marriage after a tragedy, a supportive second wife – or is it all just the facade? Deep under the surface, there is a lot more going on than we first see and as the layers are peeled back, things still may not be as they appear.  It was a quick read but only because I had to figure out what was going to happen next.

I don’t want to give anything away, so I will leave you with this – JUST READ IT!

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Even the strongest of families aren’t immune to malice, betrayal, and deceit. Supportive, loving, and affluent, the Pierson family is delighted to celebrate the marriage of sensitive middle son Paul Pierson and his wife, Pamela. Everyone rejoices that Paul has finally recovered from the tragic loss of his beloved first wife and looks forward to Paul and Pamela’s new life together. But just as family members are celebrating his happiness, they start noticing that his beautiful bride may not be what she seems.

As the strain between siblings and spouses worsens, the Piersons discover that neither their money nor their considerable influence can keep the family safe from one woman’s malicious intent. When the true nature of this family member is revealed, each of the Piersons is confronted with the quandary of human conduct and moral responsibility.

Darkness and Grace is a compelling story of the classic struggle between good and evil, as well as the violent undercurrent running beneath the illusory serenity of a close-knit Midwestern family.


Darkness and Grace was inspired by real-life events involving my family in the early 1990s. Each time I would discuss the true occurrences, people would comment, “This is a great story. You need to write a book.” After initial trepidation, I recognized this was not only a story worth telling, but it was one that comes to an author only once in a lifetime.

Originally published in 2007 under a pseudonym with the title Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace, this book is a work of fiction. To write the narrative, I employed aspects of historical fiction, using authentic news accounts, world events, settings, and descriptions involving entirely fictional characters. Darkness and Grace is of the domestic thriller genre in which familial relationships can prove to be far more dangerous than the world at large.

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