Weasel Words (Bernard and Melody Caper) By Dale E. Lehman

If you have been reading my blogs for even just a short while you will know that I am a fan of snarky, tongue-in-cheek phrases, wise guys and puns.  This book had it all.  At one point I was laughing just as hard as the characters, Melody & Felicity, about of all things – technological security. This was a fun read for the long holiday weekend.

This author builds incredible characters and is a master at the sleight of hand or heist scenarios but this one went a step above his others. He created a couple of physically perfect characters who are not just married but devoted to each other and made them fun.  Bernard (only the wife gets to call him Bernie) and Melody are crooks with big hearts. While it might appear that Melody is a bit ditzy – take a closer look because most of the time she is one step ahead of everyone, including the reader.

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Between them, Bernard and Melody Earls have looks, charm, brains . . . everything but money. That’s why they steal from the rich and give to themselves. So when Alexander Hamilton Plaskett hires them to nick a silver statuette of a pine marten from his brother Paul Revere Plaskett, they’re happy to oblige. But it won’t be as easy as it looks. For one thing, the little beast is guarded by Fitzroy Fortresses, the best security system money can buy. For another, the five Plaskett siblings are obnoxious buffoons. Still, a job is a job, and this one may offer more than it appears.

At least, that’s Bernard’s theory. The pine marten isn’t particularly valuable, so why do the Plasketts contest its ownership so fiercely? To find out, he and Melody insinuate themselves into the Plasketts’ world and enlist a college geek to hack the unhackable Fitzroy system. Failure means poverty. Discovery means prison. And the biggest obstacle to Bernard’s brilliant schemes? Melody’s penchant for running off-script!

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