Dead In The Water (Book 1 A Trisha Carson Mystery) by Glenda Carroll

Looking for some realistic characters? Start right here with Trisha – she’s not 20, or a size 2 and her life is less than perfect – I really enjoyed her.

Having a husband who is a master swimmer, yet myself more of a doggie paddler,  I enjoyed this book letting me see an insider’s perspective.  The story has all the elements of a good light mystery.  The supporting characters are a bit quirky and less than perfect, which just enhanced the whole feel of the read. Add in a few secrets and give the reader just tiny nuggets of clues, and I happily spent my reading time trying to figure out if I knew “who did it?”  Does the person who appears to be the bad guy end up really being the bad guy? Read it and see if you can figure it out.

As a side note – I would totally enjoy driving a restored taxi as my personal vehicle – it could be a lot of fun. 

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Meet Trisha Carson — No money. No man. No mojo.

Trisha is sitting in the hot summer sun at the edge of a cool Sierra lake. She thinks she is a witness to an accidental drowning at an open water swim. What else can it be? An elite athlete doesn’t sprint away from the pack, stop, never to move again. But then, a week later, another swimmer known more for her beauty than athletic ability drives her car off a 20-foot cliff into the Pacific Ocean.

Only Trisha believes the accidents aren’t so accidental. Naively she asks too many questions to precisely the wrong people. Her suspicions are dismissed by friends and family. But her inquiries continue and lead to an expanding web of intrigue, revenge and danger.

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