The Last Magus: A Clockwork Heart by Mark Piggott

Magic, Fantasy, and Steampunk all rolled into one very enjoyable adventure story.  I have read other books by this author and he always pulls me in with incredible covers and beautifully laid out interiors of his books.  When an author takes this much care, I’m already into the story before the first line.  Oh, did I also mention that the main character has lost all memory of who he is or what his life was before we see him on that very first page?

Marcus Gideon is about to start a new life and what he has been thrown into would be a challenge to anyone.  Luckily he has some excellent guides to help him through.  A Magus,  Goblin and Lady all have a guiding hand in helping Marcus reach a potential that can change not only his world but the worlds around him.  The majority of the book is from Marcus’ perspective, and the small journal entries beginning the chapters help you see even more of what is going on, not only with his experiences, but also inside his mind. 

This was a great story to escape into and while it is the first in the series, it is a fully formed and developed read.  I look forward to finding out what is next for this Magus.

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The Magus were the protectors of magic, armed with a magic caster’s power and a warrior’s strength. They were able to summon magical weapons from specialized caches they wore as armored pauldrons known as the Armory of Attlain. The Magus were legendary among the people of Attlain until a few decided they should lead the people instead of protecting them. The rebellion ended quickly from within their ranks, but the damage was done. The Magus were feared and outlawed except for those few who remained loyal to the crown and lived as adventurers. For generations, they had all but disappeared from the world.

Marcus Gideon awoke at the crossroads outside the border town of Armändis. Lost, with no memory of his past life, he was stabbed through the heart and left for dead. His life was saved by a blacksmith’s kindness who replaced his damaged heart with a mechanical, magical miracle—a clockwork heart. The gears clicked, the motor spun, and his heart started beating again, powered by his own magical energy.

Gideon was alive, but his savior was no ordinary blacksmith. Henry Botàn was a Magus, hiding out in Armändis to protect the weapons within his magical armory. The swords, spears, and other-worldly artifacts were potent, some cursed and even forbidden to wield. His responsibility was to protect these weapons from falling into the wrong hands, but he was old and past his prime. He needed an apprentice, and Marcus Gideon may be the one he waited for. As Gideon searches for clues to his past, he looks toward his future and his fate in Attlain as THE LAST MAGUS.

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