Shattered Skies – Stories by Chris Miller

Let’s start this with “I don’t read horror.” It says it on my website, and I say it often to people who suggest it to me.  However, never say never as there is always an exception and for me, that is this author.  Years ago he pulled me in with a snarky recommendation of his own book and since then, I will read anything with his name attached.

This collection of short (and some not so short) stories starts with a brilliant, heartfelt forward that really is a story unto itself. And then I turned the page and fell off the cliff of safe into 10-35 At First United Bank.  Heart pounding, I reminded myself to only read these stories in daylight hours.

Several made an impression.  I read Horror On Lonesome Lane the morning after Thanksgiving.  This one hit my heart as the main character sips his gin and soda (I am a gin gal) on Thanksgiving Day.  The scariest of stories are those based in a possible reality – yup that’s this one.  

Farewell was a 180 turn for this author and touched my heart and brought up many emotions and a very personal glimpse into the author.  As a reader you can tell when a story is the author. 

Severed – what if you came home one day to find a severed hand on your front mat?  That’s how it started and after my first nervous chuckle, I was off and reading. I’ll give you a hint as to what I would do – get the hell out of there 

This author has the ability to use the internal voices of the characters to really place a reader in a situation and several of these stories do just that. 

For some reason, I did not read this section first (as I tend to do) and I am glad.  The author’s notes and acknowledgments were wonderful and could be read when it was dark outside, giving me a peek behind the curtain.  

For all of this author’s wonderful books, CLICK HERE.


Taut as a guitar string. More relentless than time. Award-Winning author Chris Miller offers up ten tales of terror and suspense to crank up your anxiety in the way only he can.

Desperation, panic, worlds on fire, and much more.

Featuring a foreword by Patrick C. Harrison III and a story co-authored with M. Ennenbach, SHATTERED SKIES will leave you breathless, white-knuckled, and wanting more.

The Master of Suspense is at your service.

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