The Fifth, Mario Keifer

The Fifth Horseman?  We all know the story of the Four Horsemen but Keifer brings the age old tale to modern day and adds in a twist.  Using current events and common day to day experiences, the refreshed tale is easy to relate to and appreciate.  Taking each Horseman (or woman) separately and giving lots of background, Keifer also shows the reader the interworkings of the group as a whole.

This read was a lot of food for thought as well as bringing forth things that current society may accept as the norm in a different light and questioning it.

Manipulating at its best. Not just the author bending the standard story for the reader but also the interactions of the characters as they move together and apart.   Add in their relationship to Father and the reader can build the web of the story as it is presented. 

Currently, this book is available on Kindle Unlimited and is a cut above the customary reads.

For all books by this incredible author, CLICK HERE.


This is not a new tale.

Everyone knows the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. First told by John of Patmos in the Book of Revelation, it has been told and retold a thousand times by a thousand people in a thousand different ways. What makes this story different?

Perhaps it is that the story is told from the viewpoint of the Horsemen themselves. Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death: what do they think of their role in the End of Days? Does it really matter? Or maybe, it is that John of Patmos left out a part of the original story — the part about the Fifth Horseman; the one that nobody knows about.

To bring about The End of Days, The Fifth must come into being. Each Horseman has his or her part to play subject to the constraints they are given and the whims of their own personality. While traversing time and space, each does so. Pestilence spreads not just a virus to infect the body but a far more sinister one that infects the spirit, while War beats the drums that will bring the tribes of man to each other’s throats. Famine delivers scarcity from abundance, and Death, well, Death does what he has always done – he ferries the souls to their determined destination.

All of this is done to give birth to The Fifth.

But who is The Fifth?

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