Rising Pressure by Leslie Piggott

This is a new author’s first work of fiction.  Ms. Piggott has entertained readers with two poetry books, but she may have found her niche with Medical Fiction/Thrillers.  The main character, Dr. Addison Fischer, is a brilliant yet normal scientist dividing her day between her family, her students, and the cut-throat world of research.  What appears to be a chance encounter turns into a well thought out plan of subterfuge.  The author does a worthy job of showing the reader that not all is as it seems without giving away too much and keeping this reader engaged and convinced by the conclusion.

I enjoyed Dr. Fischer and hope that readers will get to see more of her and her world in the future.

For more about this author, CLICK HERE.


Dr. Addison Fischer never imagined that she would be invited to collaborate with a prospective Nobel Prize winning scientist, but a seemingly innocent meeting reconnects her with Dr. Emmitt Strydent, her high school classmate.  Strydent is on the brink of getting a new blood pressure treatment on the market and recruits her lab to assist in the study.  Continually bombarded with red flags, Addison starts to wonder if she’s gotten in over her head.  While Strydent is pushing to get his treatment into the last phase of a clinical trial, Addison feels like she is racing against time to piece together the clues he leaves in his wake.

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