Pixie Pricks by Winnie Winkle

This series never disappoints.  Within two pages I am back in the rhythm of Patra’s whirlwind ducking zingers and chuckling at the snark.  This is fun on so many levels.  A quick read where the surprises keep coming.

Every time I think this series can’t get better, the author proves me wrong. Full disclosure here – I edit this series. I get so excited when that email arrives from Winnie that says, “I’m ready with the next one.” I immediately read it through – usually in one day and then start on the light edit needed. This author knows her voice and therefore also knows Patra’s voice. Winnie constantly surprises, keeps me guessing, and entertains at the top level of snark – which I am a supreme fan of. This is definitely my favorite series over the past two years. Check out her website below. She has a couple of free reads that will give you a taste of what this author can do. But watch out, she is addicting in a great way!

For more from this series, CLICK HERE!


I’m Cleopatra O’Keefe, and I’m tired AF.

In the past year, I’ve managed to keep a pile of unappreciative gods and magicals on track, and now a rogue, full-on-jerk pixie king I didn’t know existed is determined to burn the world—and take me out with it. Normally, I’d see this as a shrug and slug back proposition, but the past year’s ginormous battles had a price.

I need a freaking miracle. The entire world is ready for a drink. And that pixie’s gotta go. So far, the cocktails are the only part I’ve got handled. My rock, my forever love, is on the other side of the globe working to help me, but the distance limits what he can do. We’re all in survival’s countdown, but I’m not down for the count. Yet.

The pixie king’s army just blew my safe harbor to smithereens, and everyone I love is at risk.

Time to pour a fat glass of payback.

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