The Life of Plants In A Changing Environment

I learned a lot when I read The Secret of Plants in the Environment, so of course, I could not wait to see what I could learn in this second book.  With the news constantly filled with reports of our changing environment, a natural curiosity about what could happen to the plants that sustain us has been forefront in my mind.  Once again I was challenged in a great way from the first page.  I did not realize that plants have an immune system.  They are also affected by stress.  It might not be human stress, but things like too much water or poor soil have an adverse effect. 

Another chapter I found incredible educating as well as useful was on the impact of plastics. This is such a huge issue for the entire world and impacts plants, one of the environmental foundation blocks.

Each section is broken into specific issues and ends with a great wrap up conclusion that further helped this non-scientist understand the highly advanced information.

This book is enhanced by diagrams and a plethora of source materials.   



Plants experience stress due to environmental changes, either in biotic or abiotic form, during their life cycle. Non-heritable modifications in morphological, physiological or biochemical characteristics tend to reduce or decrease growth and productivity, and sometimes lead to death. This book presents an exhaustive overview of the specific effects and modifications that could occur in this regard, and will serve to consolidate the ideas to promote standardization of plant adaptation to these changes in the environment. This book returns to the facts of both biotic and abiotic stress, detailing an essential aspect of plant life in the context of stress response. The text is a comprehensive, current reference that effectively addresses issues and concerns related to plant stress in natural environments. Although many reference books about abiotic stress and other environmental stresses have been published, they all exist in relative isolation from one another, covering only one specific topic. This book is, rather, a comprehensive review of all aspects of the responses of plants to changes in the environment.

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